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Monitoring solutions for energy power plants

NovaProject is a leader in products and services for monitoring and management of traditional energy systems/plants and renewable resources
NovaProject systems offers the possibility to control and manage in an advanced manner inverters, meters, PLC and other devices in the field of energy, as well as to users not possessing IT skills
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NovaProject products are simple to configure and professional in their functions, ideal for supervision, control and remote management systems for productions of clean and renewable energy products
The products offered have a distinct application on photovoltaic, wind turbines and other systems

Why choose NovaProject?

NovaProject offers products and services for energy saving and for monitoring and managing traditional energy systems/plants and renewables.

The company is able to provide Standard and Custom solutions designed on the specific needs of the client.

In the area of renewable energy, more precisely, NovaProject products offers the ability to remotely control and manage in an advanced manner the inverter, sensors, PLC, meters and other devices connected to the energy systems/plants, both in domestic and in specifically designed projects.

Simple technological solutions, reliable and flexible, able to grow together with the needs of the customer and evolution of the markets.
Technology available to all

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