Simplicity in use, complete functionality and stability, are the characteristics which distinguish all of NovaProject products.
Technology within the reach of all: result of combining different skills and professional experiences, the products meet the simplicity of user-friendly interfaces and the advanced technology of a SCADA system able to cover various needs.

Investment Funds

We are able to provide a flexible system that covers all operational aspects and functions.


Together with O&M that manages hundreds of plants, we have developed and refined products which allow us today to be competitive with actual realities.
Thanks to these partnerships and exchange of views, we are able to continually evolve our systems.

Utilities and Proxy Connector

We directly and indirectly collaborate with utilities of international significance. Thanks to scalability of our services, we are able to integrate and enhance existing structures with dedicated solutions and customize them.

Energy Production

Develop an internal system or purchase a product? Purchase with escrow agreement, a complete system and tested with a sure acquired cost and dilated over a period of time, without uncertainties of time and cost associated with testing and development.

Stand-Alone System

For those who want to use their own data-center, installing the system locally and not being bound to NovaProject cloud, the Stand-Alone version is available which allows the maximum independence and versatility.


Innovative solutions, designed to develop the full potential of electric mobility, capable of providing services and utilities unimaginable until now.



The potential of NovaProject instruments applied to photovoltaic:

Maximizing the energy provided by the photovoltaic plant!

Some compatible with our monitoring systems:

Simple technological solutions, reliable and flexible, able to grow together with the needs of the customer and evolution of the markets.
Technology available to all

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