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Welcome to our company

Our company started in 2008 from a clear idea, create a simple solution, reliable and flexible for monitoring plants for renewable energy, able to evolve together to the needs of the clients and evolution of the market.


An idea that throughout the years has never been discredited and that has led NovaProject a constant growth in offering solutions, amount of customers, internal organization and use of technology to support business


NovaProject is the ideal partner for monitoring renewable energy plants, able to provide a set of customized instruments to perform each job.

Our mission is to provide a new method to operate thanks to our instruments


Clients who have chosen us:

Mobile application Apple


Management systems via apps for smartphones able to authenticate the owners of electric cars so that they can take advantage of charging stations services without the need of memberships, subscriptions, codes or keys

This app which also works in a non-connected mode, has the function of indicating on the map, the location for charging stations and reserve the use, so one can plan in advance during travel in the best possible way.

The system is not limited to indicating only partner stations, but with a similar function to roaming it is able to indicate on the map even charging stations of other operators who have joined the initiative.

Mobile application Windows

Simple technological solutions, reliable and flexible, able to grow together with the needs of the customer and evolution of the markets.
Technology available to all

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